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Worship at Prince of Peace Church
One Service, at 9:30 AM with Education Hour to follow at 10:45 AM most Sundays (see the Tidings Newsletter for details.)


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Confirmation Class Activities 2015
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ELCA Youth Gathering trip to Detroit - 2015
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Christian Education Survey:
As a member of PoP church, please click on the following link to take a brief survey to share your thoughts and provide specific feedback on the Christian Education Program at PoP Church.

Take Survey: This survey is to review the 2015-2016 Christan Education and help plan for 2016-2017 activities. This is in addition to the session that Pastor will be hosting this coming Sunday, May 8th immediately following worship during the coffee hour.

Click Here to be directed to the survey page.

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"He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!"

Prince of Peace Church is sponsoring a
Labyrinth Arts Program

June 20-24, 9AM to noon - ages 12 & up

Click HERE to read about the details of the program, and
to what purpose the proceeds from the Program will be donated.

There are many sites on the Internet which describe the use
of Labyrinths, one of which is on the website of a Church
in Massachusetts - "Grace Chapel" in Lexington, Mass. Click HERE
to view their website and their explanation of the Labyrinth.

 Welcome to Prince of Peace Church
Please view the following YouTube Video to introduce our Church.

To see other YouTube Videos from PoP Church, click HERE.
Visit the weekly Audio Recordings of our Service and spend a moment of reflection, prayer and dedication. Listen to the sermon again; hear the Prayer of the Church; re-experience the Benediction. (The link is also under "Worship" above.) YouTube Videos: Prince of Peace Church now has a site on YouTube with videos of our Pageants, Choral Offerings and others often added. Click     to visit.
The Cherry Tree Club has a website to explain how it operates, and how services can be donated to the support of their homeless children's program.
Click and visit their Website.

Prince of Peace Church has a FaceBook Group.
Click to sign up and visit.

Tidings Newsletter: Read the "Tidings" to learn about what is going on at Prince of Peace Church. Click HERE to access the most recent copy of our Newsletter in PDF format, as well as archived copies from past years. Or our new Flipboard Version of the Tidings by clicking HERE.
We invite you to participate in our active Christian community of faith,
where together we are learning to live and serve
the story of God's good news

the Grace available to all through Jesus Christ.

As Joyful Disciples Living the Faith
we Connect, Grow and Serve in Jesus Name

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To listen to or to download tracks from a recording presented by our Music Ministry, go to our . . .

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